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image of the inside of a classroom with teacher in front of students seated at a desk

Welcome to Classroom/Intruder Lock!

Design Hardware, an industry leader in commercial locksets, hinges, closers, exit devices and more, is introducing The Classroom/Intruder Lock. Aside from placing quality and selection at the forefront of product development, Design Hardware also places an emphasis on safety and protection. The Classroom/Intruder lock is a commercial Grade 1 lockset that enables the "teacher" to lock or unlock the classroom door without having to open the door itself. The lockset is keyed on both sides and has a deadlocking latch bolt which is operable from either side except when the outside lever is locked from the outside or inside with a key. Ideal for interior classroom doors, the Design Hardware Classroom Intruder Lock allows for protection in any institution where intrusions may occur. Design Hardware is once again offering the quality and selection customers want along with the safety and protection they need.


Interior classroom doors or any other doors that need to be able to be locked/unlocked from either side with a key.
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Deadlocking latch bolt operated by lever from either side except when outside lever is locked from outside or inside with key. When outside lever is locked, latch bolt is operated by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever. Lever inside is always operable.

The M Series Classroom/Intruder Lock is available with an indicator which visually shows if the lock is locked or unlocked.


  • Standard Cylinder
  • SFIC
    - Small Format Interchangeable Core
  • SLFIC (Z series)
    - Schlage Large Format IC Core


For Standard cylinder:

  • Keyed Different
  • Keyed Alike
  • Master Keyed
  • Grand Master Keyed
  • Construction Master Keyed